Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony of Padua

It’s good that the PM of Australia , John Howard has finally been overthrown. Soon G W Bush will be overthrown by possibly Obama and the world may find itself in a more peaceful time.

Have you noticed how there seems to be less ‘terrorist’ attacks in western countries? This is probably due to the fact that the western world is starting to learn that they need to improve their lifestyles and their evil ways.

GW Bush is loosing his attempt to dominate the world , and it’s little wonder that many Americans are hated throughout the world. The 9/11 was a big wake up call for them but they still have a long way to go.

Peace will come to those that seek peace within themselves first.

Pray to Saint Anthony of Padua that we all may ‘find’ peace within ourselves.

Saint Anthony is the patron saint of lost things.


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